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Bigfoot is Real

Part 1: In Search of Bigfoot.

Part 2: A Year in the Life of Bigfoot.

Part 3: Bigfoot on Film.

Part 4: A Bigfoot Menagerie.

My collection of Bigfoot comic books.*

Meomi's Vancouver Olympics mascots.*

Quatchi Watch!*

Rock 'n' Roll

Songs about Seattle.*

Pre-Super Bowl Seahawk novelty songs.*

Last Train to Seattle: Elvis in the Jet City.*

A bag of poop: the Young Fresh Fellows.*

The Legendary Rock Warrior, Thor.*

Stomp, shout, and work it on out!!!*

Frettin' to the oldies.*

Say "Hey Sah-Lo-Ney" with the Detroit Cobras.*

Through Seattle, darkly: Rolling Stones redux.*

A 2002 Rolling Stones concert preview.

A collection of Rolling Stones logos.*

"Great songs, great memories" on KIXI.

Meet the Beagles.

Dig Liz Damon's Orient Express.

Live in concert, Carman!

A brief Joey Ramone obituary.

Girls at Our Best! lyrics.

A smattering of record reviews.


I am Super Ichiro Crazy!

My collection of Seattle Mariners scorecards.*

My collection of Mariners pocket schedules.*

My collection of Mariners media guides.*

My collection of Seahawks pocket schedules.*

My collection of Sonics pocket schedules.*

My collection of Huskies pocket schedules.*

My collection of Canucks pocket schedules.*

My collection of other Northwest pocket schedules.*

My collection of MLB All-Star Game ballots.*

My collection of Bill Gutman sports biographies.*

The 12th Man is Stupid.*

Jet City to Motor City: Super Bowl Sidelights.*

Jet City to Motor City: More Super Bowl Sidelights.*

The Harlem Globetrotters.*

Monster trucks invade the Tacoma Dome.*

Seattle's mascot smackdown.*

What would Shaun Alexander do?*

Flyin' Ryan tryin' for Guinness.*

Chicago's infamous Disco Demolition Night.

A preview of baseball's 2001 All-Star Game.

The time I went curling.*

Meet the Seattle Pilots.

My first-ever article in print, on pinball.


Seattlest Bowls, Part 1: The state of it.*

Seattlest Bowls, Part 2: Leilani Lanes.*

Seattlest Bowls, Part 3: Sunset Bowl.*

Seattlest Bowls, Part 4: AMF Imperial Lanes.*

Seattlest Bowls, Part 5: West Seattle Bowl.*

Seattlest Bowls, Part 6: North and East of Seattle.*

Seattlest Bowls, Part 7: South of Seattle.*

Seattlest Bowls, Part 8: HUB Games Area, Garage.*

Going once, going twice: Leilani's auction.*

Rolling at the University of Washington's HUB.

Movies, TV

Pootie Rising: the nascent cult of Pootie Tang.*

The Dude, Jeff Dowd, and the Seattle Seven.*

The inevitable, inexcusable Green River Killer movie.*

Is Pink Lady and Jeff the worst show in TV history?

A couple of insane Canadian documentaries.

Unenlightened by Gandhi.

Open wide: dentists on film.

A smattering of movie reviews.

Books, Comics, Zines

A 1995 interview with Hate's Peter Bagge.

A 2001 interview with Eightball's Daniel Clowes.

More Clowes, plus Acme Novelty's Chris Ware.

A toast to Maakies's Tony Millionaire.

A smattering of book reviews.

I used to do some zines.


A return to Stuart Anderson's Black Angus.*

A total sausage fest: the Oberto Factory Outlet.*

Seattle's best cheesesteakery, Philadelphia Fevre.*

Chow down at the mighty Burgermaster.*


My July '04 trip to the East Coast.

My April '05 trip to Croatia.

My May '05 road trip down the West Coast.

My August '05 trip to Alaska.

Odds 'n' Ends

Read about my favorite haunts in Seattle Rain or Shine.*

My collection of rail transit passes.*

Somethin' Stupid: Shopping at Stupid Prices.*

Franz, we hardly knew ye.*

It's Free Beef Month in Les Schwab Country.*

The Volunteer Park water tower.*

Love that Bob: Bob Newhart returns to Seattle.*

The other Washingtons: the state v. D.C.*

Say it with maps.*

D.B. Cooper and the money he took.*

From sonic boom to sonic bust: the Boeing SST.*

You gotta honk when you drive by Vern Fonk.*

Bust a gut with America's Funnyman, Neil Hamburger.*

Scoffing at the so-called Emerald City.*

El Vez says, "¡Viva Vanpool!"*

The Indians call it "maze."*

Drivers: think of the hilarious impact you could make!*

How do you do that Sudoku that you do so well?*

Though I wasn't molested, I was an altar boy.

Though I wasn't molested, I was a jury foreman.

An unexpected stay at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

With apologies to The Onion, some satirical news.

Live in concert, Bob Newhart!

Read about monorail accidents.

Got problems? Ask Dr. Heinous.

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