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L-R: Me, Squatch.

Bigfoot licence plate, Seattle.

Bigfoot statue, Harrison Hot Springs, BC.

Bigfoot is Real, Part 1
In Search of Bigfoot

Yes, Virginia, there is a Bigfoot.

Of course, I'm highly skeptical that such a living, breathing, stinking man-beast romps through the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but I'm not at all concerned with proving (or disproving) his existence -- I'll leave that to the crackpots. The truth of the matter is that Bigfoot is a legitimate pop-culture phenomenon, if not a quasi-celebrity.

Assuming the legend is true, Bigfoot's literal stomping grounds are here in the area that some hippies call "Cascadia" -- roughly Washington, Oregon, northern California and southern British Columbia (where he's better known as Sasquatch). Likewise, the Bigfoot legend looms large over the mythology, the mystique, and yes, the merchandising of this region.

The hirsute hominid has inspired, among other things, numerous TV shows, movies, books, toys, and a bitchin' monster truck, not to mention reams of tabloid gossip and countless chainsaw sculptures. And, as the elusive creature is essentially a public-domain figure, he's also been the selling point of several ad campaigns and business establishments. As with New York's ridiculous number of unrelated pizza joints supposedly owned by a singular "Ray," so too has Bigfoot's likeness permeated the Northwest (and beyond).

In this sense, Bigfoot is very real. Here's proof.


Bigfoot Car Wash, Seattle.

Museum of the Mysteries, Seattle.

Museum of the Mysteries, Seattle.

Pike Place Market, Seattle.

Pioneer Square, Seattle.

University Playground, Seattle.

Bigfoot Construction, Seattle.

Bigfoot license plate, Seattle.

Metro bus shelter, Seattle.

Archie McPhee, Seattle.

Burke Museum, Seattle.

Trader Joe's, University District, Seattle.

Richard Hugo House, Seattle.

Henry Art Gallery, Seattle.

Gallery4Culture, Seattle.

Bigfoot Bagels, Woodinville.

Bigfoot Inn, Bothell.

Bigfoot Java, Bothell.

Bigfoot's Cards & Comics, Edmonds.

Bigfoot Park, Index.

Bigfoot Music, Arlington.

Bigfoot Development Corporation, Tacoma.

Bigfoot Tavern, Eatonville.

Bigfoot Outdoor, Centralia.

Bigfoot Pub & Eatery, Spokane.

Big Foot Cave, Spokane.

Lil' Bigfoot, Spokane.

Bigfoot Child Care Center, Spokane.

Spokane Falls Community College.

Big Foot Fireworks, Auburn.

Bigfoot Gift Shop, Kid Valley.

Oliver's Store, Jefferson County.

Hard Rain Cafe, Jefferson County.

Village Chiropractic, Federal Way.

Sasquatch Studios, Seattle.

Bigfoot Food & Spirits, Sea-Tac Airport.

Yakima Fruit Market & Nursery, Bothell.

Bigfoot Mines, Ronald.

Next door to the Ballard Sip & Ship, Seattle.

Bigfood mobile food truck, Seattle.

Li'l Woody's, Seattle.

Bigfoot Burrito and Subs, Toledo.

Painting, Anacortes.

Bigfoot Outdoor, Kent.


Ground Kontol, Portland.

Bigfoot's, PGE Park, Portland.

Sasquatch Brewing Company, Portland.

Bigfoot's Pub 'n Grub, Seaside.

Bigfoot Lacrosse, Eugene.

Bigfoot Billiards, Troutdale.


Trees of Mystery, Klamath.

Drive-Thru Tree, Myers Flat.

Bigfoot Museum, Willow Creek.

In the Willow Creek museum.

Museum diorama; Bighand is more like it.

Legend of Bigfoot gift shop, Garberville.

Legend of Bigfoot gift shop, Garberville.

Bigfoot Motel, Willow Creek.

Union 76, Willow Creek.

Bigfoot Rafting Company, Willow Creek.

Bigfoot loves Willow Creek's ice cream.

Bigfoot hates Willow Creek's rain.

Near Bigfoot Country Club, Willow Creek.

Bigfoot Discovery Museum, Felton.

Bigfoot Lodge, San Francisco.

Bigfoot Lodge, Los Angeles.

Bigfoot Lodge West, Los Angeles.

Bigfoot Crest Theater, Los Angeles.

British Columbia

Sasquatch Provincial Park.

Sasquatch Provincial Park.

Bigfoot trailer, Rolley Lake Provincial Park.

The Bounty Pub, Harrison Hot Springs.

Bigfoot RV park, Harrison Hot Springs.

Bigfoot RV park, Harrison Hot Springs.

Sasquatch Springs, Harrison Hot Springs.

Sasquatch Inn/Bigfoot Cafe, Harrison Mills.

Sasquatch Inn Liquor Store, Harrison Mills.

Sasquatch Scene, Harrison Hot Springs.

Bigfoot camper, Abbotsford.

Bigfoot Moccasins, Abbotsford.

Sasquatch Trading Ltd., Victoria.

Winter Olympics souvenir store, Whistler.

Bigfoot camper, Langley.

Museum of Anthropology, UBC, Vancouver.


Entering Big Foot.

Big Foot Cemetery, Big Foot.

Big Foot Inn, Big Foot.


Big Foot High School, Walworth.

Big Foot Car Wash, Walworth.

Big Foot Beach State Park, Lake Geneva.

Big Foot Archers, Lake Geneva.

Big Foot Archers, Lake Geneva.

Big Foot Archers, Lake Geneva.


Bigfoot Sandwich Shop, Dania.

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