Thursday, November 01, 2007

Crossword Report: October '07

Hey, I'm staging a small, late-year rally, having solved more crosswords in October than in any month since April... Sh-sh-sh-sha!

Crosswords in Pop Culture:

I love crosswords and I love Converse All-Stars, but the two don't quite go together -- see above. I'll stick with classic black Chucks, thanks.

King of the Hill (September 25, 2005).
In the episode "Bystand Me," Peggy lands a gig writing a household hints column for the Arlen Bystander, though she seems clueless about such matters. Minh, however, supplies Peggy with the hints she needs to keep her ruse afloat, in exchange for advance solutions to the Bystander's syndicated New York Times crossword... Apparently the paper runs two daily crosswords, because in an earlier episode (mentioned in February's Crossword Report), Hank's name appears in the locally produced puzzle.

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Total crosswords solved in October 2007: 50
Total crosswords solved in 2007: 508
On pace to solve in 2007: 610


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