Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Steve's Autographs #1: Matt Groening

The one-and-only time I've been to the San Diego Comic-Con was in 1993, when I was living there for a spell. It was awesome. I ran around collecting every freebie in sight -- there were tons to be had -- and having stuff signed and sketched. F'rinstance, under the bill of my Padres ballcap, Peter Bagge drew Chuckie-Boy (from Neat Stuff) and Daniel Clowes drew the Value Ape logo (from the Eightball serial, "Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron"). Pushing my luck, I also had Clowes sign the cover of Victor Banana's 10" LAVGCII soundtrack, as well as my Supersonic Storybook CD booklet -- I'll post that one later.

But the highlight was when Simpsons god Matt Groening drew Life in Hell's Bongo on the above postcard, promoting the then-new Bongo Comics title Itchy & Scratchy Comics. (I specifically requested Bongo, and if you look closely at Scratchy's neck, it says "Your Pal, Matt Groening," as in, I'm pals with Matt Groening!) My brother-in-law was with me at the time, also wanting a sketch on his own postcard. He jokingly told Groening, "Draw Akbar... No, draw Jeff... No, wait, draw Akbar instead..." An amused Groening handled it like a sport: "I'll draw 'em both."


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