Monday, July 23, 2007

Hot Hell Ghost Rod Rider Drivers

2007 is shaping up to be a banner year for movies featuring Evel-inspired characters. To wit:

Ghost Rider.
A big-budget film based on the '70s Marvel Comics character, himself based on Evel. By day, motorcycle daredevil Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) is the world's greatest stuntman; by night, due to a misguided deal with Satan, he becomes a badass, black-clad biker whose head turns into a flaming skull. The movie sucked on many levels, yet I couldn't help but dig it. I've since bought this, have had my eye on this, and come Halloween, I might be wearing this... Official site.

Ocean's Thirteen.
In this third installment in Steven Soderbergh's caper franchise, Don Cheadle reprises his role as Basher Tarr. This time 'round, Tarr disguises himself as "Fender Roads," an Evel-style Las Vegas motorcycle daredevil with a red-white-and-blue jumpsuit and an American flag on his tooth. Or so I've read -- I haven't seen the movie myself, and have no immediate plans to... Official site.

Hot Rod.
Andy "Dick in a Box" Samberg plays amateur daredevil Rod Kimble, whose stunts fail to impress his father, Ian "Cocksucker" McShane. (Vaguely related note: whenever Samberg's goofy face appears on my TV screen, I always think of Dan Savage's remark: "He could suck your dick sideways.") The trailer promises references to Gymkata, Project Grizzly and The Devil at Your Heels, and uses AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" -- just like Mariner closer J.J. Putz! We plan on seeing this one upon its August 3rd release... Official site.

Hell Drivers: America's Original Crash Test Dummies.
Last but not likely least is this upcoming documentary about stunt cyclists Doug Danger, Louis Re and "King Kong Knievel," as well as Crash Moreau and Rocky Hardcore, a couple of guys who specialize in smashing up garbage trucks, school buses and motorhomes (that's Crash in this here photo -- looking at his jacket, he apparently likes Ghost Rider too). Among those responsible is Boston Herald blogger Darren Garnick, who tipped me off to this project. Their trailer looks killer -- can't wait for the real deal.


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