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"Evel Knievel" Premiere Party
Goofy's Bar & Grill, Seattle
July 30, 2004

Goofy's Bar & Grill hosted the Seattle premiere of Evel Knievel, the made-for-cable movie based on my book, Evel Incarnate. Friends and family came by to eat and drink and sign my Evel-esque Tyvek jumpsuit, and a few people actually paid attention to the movie!

So, what did I think of it? Well, at least they spelled my name right...

Thanks to everybody who attended, both in person and in spirit. Special thanks to Goofy's for hosting the event, Heidi for surprising me with the suit, and Eliza for snapping these killer photos. Enjoy!

Come for the Goofyburger. Stay for the Wild Turkey.

Me. I got tore up.

JP flips the bird; David and Amy hang out.

Kelly, Greg, me, Hot Roller Heidi, Erik.

Linda, Marg, Tom.

Eliza's got my back. Photographer unknown.

Jenni happily nods off on Tim's shoulder.

Mike, Linda, Robert, me, Mary, and others.

Kris creates a diversion while
Erika signs my my leg.

Newlyweds JP and Jen.
JP got tore up.

Tom and Emma are captivated
by Jaime Pressley.

Hilary is amused by the moose

Linda and Jen share a laugh.

Taryn and Danielle share a drink.

David signs my ass.

Jennie and Sean, lookin' good.

Marcie snickers at my outfit.

Linda, Rudolf (watching TV), Bob, Robert.

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