Saturday, March 17, 2007

Captain Bananas Report

It was six months ago today that we brought home Matt Hasselbeck and Captain Bananas. Matt didn't last a week (we couldn't revive him with Ick Clear Tank Buddies), but Bananas is still with us. Eliza and I discussed replacing Matt with another fish (to be named Seneca Wallace, of course), but decided that since Bananas seems happy and healthy on his own, why rock the tank?

Captain Bananas Fun Facts™

· He's a Ryukin goldfish.

· His tank is decorated with dark blue rocks, three plastic plants, and a Penn-Plax treasure chest and "Action Skeleton."

· He usually eats TetraFin Goldfish Flakes, but also enjoys TetraFin Goldfish Crisps, Hikari Oranda Gold pellets, and freeze-dried tubifex worms. He also likes to gobble rocks and spit them back out.

· Around the first of each month, his tank gets a thorough cleaning: I stir up the rocks to loosen up the poop and stuff and I rinse off all the decorations. Then I replace the filter and about half the water, and finally I scrub the inside of the glass. His water's nitrate level is usually a safe 10-to-20 ppm, and I keep an eye on the pH level too, adding proper chemicals as necessary.

· One time I found him floating upside-down. Sometimes he seems bloated and, when not fighting to swim downward, he helplessly bobs to the surface. That one time I think he fell asleep while bloated and turned belly-up, but luckily I was there to waken him and snatch him back from the abyss. This concerns us, and we're not sure why it happens -- most likely it has to do with what we're feeding him (and/or how much), or the water's composition, or global warming.

· He has two theme songs: the first is sung to the tune of "Yes, We Have No Bananas": "Yes, it's Captain Bananas/ He is the best fish in the world!" The other one is set to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman": "Captain Bananas/ Is the best fish in the world!"

· I submitted a photo of his tank to the TetraCare Aquarium Showcase, but they haven't posted it yet (I'm guessing it'll appear someplace after #67, where they've been stalled for awhile).

Captain Bananas photo by Eliza Truitt Photography.