Sunday, January 28, 2007

Signs, Signs, (Not) Everywhere a Sign

In my ongoing quest to retrace Seattle's Scenic Drives, today Eliza and I motored along what appears to be Scenic Drive 4, the mustard- colored route in the southern half of our outdated, non-detailed map. We were surprised to find nine signs we hadn't seen before -- nowhere near enough to follow the route by sign alone, but far more than we expected. Curiously, they were along just one stretch of the approximately 25-mile drive, all in West Seattle, from Hamilton Viewpoint to Fauntleroy Park. Among them were newer metal signs like we'd seen before, as well as older wooden ones like the weathered specimen here. Also, on the last sign we saw, the arrow pointed in a different direction from what the map indicated. We followed both routes, just to cover the bases.

Anyway, we plan to drive the other three routes in the coming weeks; I'll post our findings as they occur, along with anything the Seattle DOT can tell us.


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