Monday, September 25, 2006

Knievel Rock Update

Just a quick note here about my huge update to Knievel Rock: The Evel Knievel Discography. Among other things, it now boasts over 100 Evel-related songs and 45 musical acts who've named themselves after Evel, though none are as impressive as this awesome video featuring "Evel Kanyevel."

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The other day I stumbled across this free downloadable Bigfoot figure. As per the instructions, I printed him out, cut 'n' folded 'n' pasted him, and emailed the above photo to his designer, Paul Shih. Though I couldn't think of anything more clever than having the cubed critter stomp across my road atlas, Paul still posted him on his site, alongside other submissions. No, he doesn't look much like the typical, mythological Bigfoot, but I still like him, and he's a welcome addition to my growing collection of Bigfoot figures.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo!

A long time ago when I had cable, I was briefly obsessed with Animal Planet's middle-of-the-night airings of Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo. It was basically a bizarro, 1960s Australian ripoff of Flipper, substituting a plucky kangaroo for a plucky dolphin. I recently found this sample on YouTube (the lazy blogger's best friend):